Archaeological studies suggest that, as early as the stone and bronze ages, the motions of celestial bodies and the constellation of stars were sources of magic power and played a vital role in shaping the development of religions.

The association of motions of “heavenly bodies,” such as the Sun, Moon, planets, stars, comets, asteroids, and natural satellites, with events on earth, has been repeatedly used as tools for delivering divine messages and subsequently used to manipulate the psychology and social behaviours both on the individual and social levels.

During the last few centuries, science seems to have triumphantly dominated almost all explanations of reality, thereby undermining the religious authority that shaped civic life and culture throughout human history. Specifically, since the development of Copernicus’s heliocentric model, the compasses of astronomy and theology began sharply diverging, with the former becoming increasingly inconvenient for the latter. Since the last century explorations in natural sciences, mathematics, and digitalizing the world have dramatically influenced our worldviews and addressed new challenging issues that shook the walls of established religions.

However, several millennia of civilization are by no means sufficient to acquire the knowledge required for decoding the secrets of the universe. Similar to the rise and fall of ancient civilizations, none of the current theories in natural sciences can claim complete and timeless validity.


Motivated by the powerful force of curiosity and the need for magic, mystery, and a sense of the infinite, the quest to answer questions beyond the borders of human knowledge was and will continue to be vital in the development of human culture. As many scientists and theologians have repeatedly and explicitly acknowledged the existence of mysteries in the physical world and Scriptures, COMPARE will enable young scientists and readers to distinguish between the limitation/incompleteness of the current theories of natural sciences and mathematics, what could be classified as transient/eternal mysteries with/without divine origins.